Fish and Duck has everything you need to get your next great Vancouver Island adventure started. Whether it's booking your next houseboat, or relaxing at our pub for a pint and some grub, you're in for the vacation of a lifetime.


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Current BC COVID-19 restrictions state that houseboats are limited to their maximum occupancy – with no additional visitors onboard when beached or cruising on Sproat Lake. FIsh & Duck Resort reinforces the importance of physical distancing when enjoying your time on Sproat Lake.

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Fish and Duck has everything you need to get your next adventure started.

Whether you're relaxing in the pub, having fun on one of our skiboats, or embarking on a houseboat escapade, we've got you covered.

The Fish & Duck Pub

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More info coming soon!

Off - Sales

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Bags of Ice

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Our fully comprehensive guide to houseboating is all available right here on our website so you don't have to miss a thing while planning your vacation! Click the link below to get the checklist started, and get one step closer to your next adventure.

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